What is the best way to make your dreams come true?

There is not really a fixed formula for that, but I will be happy to share some strategies that work for me. They are not intended to be followed step by step or to be any sort of limit for the pursuit of your own dream. Conversely, I hope to bring some inspiration and encouragement on your path towards your goals.

Stay focused: some dreams require a relatively long time to be achieved. Despite all the distractions, maintain your focus oriented toward your goal. A vision board, a daily meditation and/or affirmations practice as well as journaling can support you with that.

Talk about your dreams: having to verbalise your aim in a safe and friendly environment, can help you to get more clarity about it. Plus, answering some spontaneous questions might give you new insights or perspectives on your goal. You will be surprised to notice how quickly you can progress just by having the right conversation!

Celebrate the small achievements: Even the smallest step is bringing you closer to your dream. Sometimes it feels that no progression is going on at all, but then looking closer, that doodle turned into your business logo, that scribbled ditty turned into the chorus of your song and all those little spontaneous steps brought you a long way forward. Whenever it feels like no progression is happening, come back to your small steps with gratitude and appreciation and keep up with any grain of good work!

About dreams turning into reality, I am thrilled to share with you my new yoga courses starting from the 6th of September 2022 in Danstuin (Tiensestraat, 47 – Leuven):

Wednesdays 19.00-20.00h – Vinyasa

Fridays 12.45-13.30h – Lunch Time Gentle Vinyasa

Both drop in and monthly subscription options are available and with the unlimited option, you get access to all the pre-recorded video library for free!

For more information, check My Yoga Studio via Cloudstudios or my Yoga Page!

And you, what is your dream? What is the strategy that works for you? Let me know in the comments!

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